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  • Product Name: AnticFast® Albendazole Metabolite Rapid Test Kit
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AnticFast® Albendazole Metabolite Rapid Test Kit

Order No.: JC0369

【Intended Use】

Albendazole Metabolite Rapid Test Kit is a lateral flow assay that determines a qualitative level for the presence of albendazole metabolites in raw cow’s milk. This test is designed for rapid field use or daily control in laboratories.  

【Limit of Detection】(μg/kg=ppb)


Limit of Detection (μg/kg)

Albendazole sulfone


Albendazole Sulfoxide


【Scope of Application】

Raw cow’s milk

【Kit Contents】

1. Test strips: 12x8 strips (96 strips total)

2。 Microwells (Reaction wells): 12x8 wells (96 wells total)

3。 Pipette tips: 100/kit or disposable pipettes:100/kit

4. Microwell holder: 1

【Materials Required But Not Provided】

1. Micropipette (20μL-200μL)

2. Timer

3. Incubator

4. Reader(Optional)

【Test Procedure】

Note: READ COMPLETELY BEFORE USE! All reagents and kit components should reach room temperature (20-25˚C) before use. Shake the milk vigorously to ensure sample homogeneity.

1. Remove the cover of the tube and take appropriate number of test strips and microwells and immediately cover the tube. Re-store the remaining components at 2-8˚C.  

2。 Place the microwells into the wells of the incubator (40 ˚C)  

3. Using a single channel pipette (Optionally, using a disposable pipette), add 200µL of milk sample to each microwell. Dissolve the coating conjugate in the microwell by pipetting the content up and down for 5 or 6 times.

4。 Incubate the sample for 3 minutes at 40˚C and then put one test strip into one well。

5。 Let the test strip develop color for 5 minutes at 40˚C。  

6。 Remove the absorbent pad and interpret test results within 1 minute。

【Interpretation of the Results】

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